Hi. I'm Emily.  

I'm a yoga teacher, the Community Wellness Coordinator at Episcopal High
School in Alexandria, Va, and enjoy helping others live well. 

I've been teaching yoga since 2005 to both adults and teenagers. I try to 
encourage a openness in the classroom that invites laughter as well as self-study. 
My goal is to provide an inclusive and non-competitive class that is challenging, 
sustainable, welcoming and fun.

I was fortunate enough to do my teacher training with Rolf Gates, author of Meditations from the Mat, and received my 200 hour teaching certification in vinyasa yoga.  Vinyasa's flowing style, dynamic movement, and focus on breath drew me in (and chilled me out.)  It also saw me through the rehabilitation of several knee and hip injuries after years of competitive soccer.  So I appreciate the importance of proper alignment and respect each student working at their own pace and making adjustments to fit their needs. 

We might also meet in one of the group coaching programs I facilitate. I'm a RTA-Certified Facilitator and my programs are designed to help women and girls reconnect with their authentic self and create a life lived with intention. You can find out more about these programs on the workshops page. 

Thanks for checking out the site and I look forward to meeting you.  


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"Emily has a spirit I have rarely encountered. I find too often instructors are too hardcore or too 'everything is loose and free'.  She strikes an amazing balance that makes me eager to both push and love myself more." -Amy
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