student testimonials
Emily has demonstrated real understanding of my particular situation, always providing alternative poses when what we’re doing in class is likely to put too much pressure on my back.  One of her hallmarks, as far as I’m concerned, is Emily’s awareness of and concern about what’s going on with each individual’s body in the studio.
- Whit, Alexandria, VA
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I appreciate Emily's words of wisdom; they resonate with me beyond the mat.
- Linda, Alexandria, VA
Doing yoga every week helped me relax during the stressful college application process.  Being able to go into the studio and calmly stretch and meditate cleared my mind and helped me stay focused on my studies.
-Paul, Alexandria, VA
My players thoroughly enjoy and benefit from her guidance.  She understands what the group needs to work on and helps them to better understand what they need to do in order to stay healthy and feel good.  
I  would suggest that sports coaches and players in any sport look in to the benefits that her skills and experience offer.  
- Gus Cook, Total Squash Camps Executive Director and former professional squash player
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